About us

The Association of Private Nursing Services Inc. (APNS) is a national membership organisation representing private companies in the community, aged care and disability sectors.

APNS was established in 2006 by a group of service providers to collaborate, share, contribute and raise the standards of in-home care being provided in the community. Today, the Association represents a growing national membership of independent businesses with a focus on adhering to the founding principles of quality community care. We are focussed on meeting the needs of local people through their local businesses.

We offer the opportunity to network with other providers, have a united voice with government departments and agencies, and provide relevant and up to date information on our industry to our members.

APNS Committee



The vision of APNS is to become the major peak body for the private aged and community care sector. We aim to have representation on key and relevant State and Commonwealth Department panels to ensure members have a voice in negotiations, discussions and policy development within the aged and community care sector.


Advice and support

APNS provides professional assistance to members to promote best practice in aged and community care. Advice is available through our approachable committee, our members’ forum and a variety of networking events.


APNS has a strong commitment to ongoing education and professional development.

The Association has members with multiple educational qualifications and experience who are always available to provide advice, assistance and guidance.

Information provision

APNS ensures that members are kept up to date on all current information affecting the industry on a regular basis through eNEWS and email updates.

Providing a voice

APNS has been working tirelessly to be an advocate for all members and the private aged and community care industry at large. Members can report not just on their own issues but also represent the people they serve thus ensuring issues of importance are brought to the forefront of public debate and discussion.

The Association is achieving acclaim within the industry and has gained seats on several working parties and associations to ensure that our members’ voices are heard.

Networking events

Networking is about sharing information, ideas, resources and opportunities. It is argued that networking can generate more business and career opportunities than any advertising campaign could ever hope to achieve.

APNS believes that networking is an essential element of our strategy to lift the profile of the private aged and community care industry. We have had many successful networking events in the past, both formal and informal. The Association is committed to further developing such opportunities and enabling members to liaise with their colleagues.



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