Committee responsibilities

The APNS Committee is responsible for establishing the Association’s strategic plan, policies and activities. It is also responsible for directing its activities, and approving all actions pertaining to the business and management of the Association.

The Committee comprises up to 11 members including the following:


Directly responsible to the members for the administration of the Association, duties include:

  1. Delegate Committee activities
  2. Chair all Committee meetings
  3. Chair all General and Special meetings
  4. Perform all other duties as usually pertain to the office of the President or as directed by the Committee

Vice President:

  1. Fill the office of President should the office become vacant
  2. Assist the President to perform the duties pertaining to that office, or as directed by the Committee


  1. The accurate recording of all official meetings of the Association and distribution of minutes of the official meeting within 21 days of such meeting
  2. Prepare and distribute an official agenda at least one week prior to any COM meeting;
• collate official reports from designated executives and send out with meeting agenda
  3. Carry out all requirements of the act in relation to incorporation
  4. Ensure efficient and effective communication with all Association members
  5. Maintain an Association document register and database including all documents, policies and procedures pertaining to the Association’s activities; and
  6. Ensure all records, books, documents and securities related to the operation of the Association are held in a safe place during their term of office.


  1. Keep or cause to be kept, correct comprehensive records showing the financial affairs of the Association
  2. Manage the financial affairs of the Association
  3. Prepare financial reports prior to each committee meeting
  4. Review the financial affairs of the Association as necessary with the assistance of legal counsel or a tax advisor if necessary
  5. Present the annual financial report at each Annual General Meeting in accordance with the requirements of the Act
  6. All cheque payments shall require one signature: the signatures shall be the President and Treasurer
  7. Ensure the President has access to all financial records at all times including online banking access

Membership Secretary:

  1. Ensure accurate records of membership are maintained
  2. Be responsible for all correspondence related to membership
  3. Be responsible for retaining and renewing current members
  4. Actively recruit new membership to the Association by implementing the membership recruitment procedure and other appropriate activities
  5. Following up new membership inquiries

The Public Officer:

• The Public Officer can be a committee member, a member of the Association or an outsider.

  1. The Public Officer may hold any other office in the Association
  2. The committee of the Association shall appoint the Public Officer for a 2 year term at the Annual General Meeting
  3. • As the Association is currently registered in NSW, the Public Officer must reside in NSW


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