Membership options

Membership of the Association signifies to others that a member organisation is committed to:

  • Working with relevant State and Federal authorities to develop and enhance industry and professional standards
  • Seeking to be informed of best practice within business and professional standards
  • Remaining informed of industry and professional legislation relevant to service provision
  • Working towards implementation and maintenance of quality standards and independent quality assurance accreditation and ultimately obtaining accreditation status

Membership of the Association shall be under one of the following categories:

1. Full Membership:

Membership of this Association is organizationally based. Full financial membership is open to any organisation whose current and main business is in the provision of private nursing and care services.

All full financial members are eligible to one vote at all general/special/extraordinary meetings and hold an elected office, except those members who may be regarded as corporate members.

2. Honorary Membership:

Shall be awarded by the Association to any individual or group whose membership the APNS committee believe will enhance the objectives of the Association.

Honorary membership does not include the privilege of voting or holding office.

Honorary membership shall be confirmed by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Nomination must be made by a full member.

3. Corporate Membership:

Any organisation whose financial basis stems from a core business indirectly involved in the delivery of private and business services related to community nursing and care services.

This Membership will cover all employees of the company. One set of regular correspondence will be distributed per corporate membership.

A corporate member does not have voting rights, may not hold office and may not be an active member of any of the Association’s committees.


Conditions of membership

Membership Fees

A financial member is a member who is not indebted to the Association at State,Territory or National level in respect of any annual subscription or levy or any other payment whatsoever.

The fee structure of the Association shall be determined by the membership at each Annual General Meeting.

A member of the Association must, on admission to membership, pay to the Association the appropriate membership fee. {Pro rata rate if applicable}

The annual membership fee must be paid to the Association before or on 31 March in any calendar year. If a member becomes a member on or after 31 March in any calendar year – a pro rata membership fee will be levied.

The membership fee for each member shall be paid directly to the Association.

Renewal of Membership

Membership fees are payable to the Association on or before 31 March of each calendar year.

Cessation of Membership

A member may resign from membership of the Association by giving written notice to the secretary or Public Officer. Membership of the Association shall cease immediately upon receipt of the notice. Any member so resigning shall be liable for any outstanding monies owed to the Association, which shall be recovered as a debt to the Association.

A person ceases to be a member of the Association if the entity:

  • Ceases business
  • Resigns membership
  • Is expelled from the Association
  • Is in arrears with fees and subscriptions

Membership entitlements are not transferable

Any right, privilege or obligation that a person has by reason of being a member of the Association:

  1. Is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another organization
  2. Terminates on cessation of the organisation’s membership
  3. May be represented by a nominated representative

Register of Members

The Committee shall keep or cause to be kept a register of members containing:

  • Names and addresses of each member organisation
  • The date of the member organisations’ admission to the Association
  • Any other detail as required by the Committee or Association

Any member may access, update and amend their personal information contained in the register upon prior written notice to the secretary. Access to the register will be in accordance with the provisions of the privacy Act 1988 as amended from time to time.

The Membership Secretary shall ensure maintenance of the register and will be responsible for all correspondence related to membership including issuing membership renewal notices.

On giving written notice to the Secretary, a member may have their address withheld from any mailing list.


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