Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Private Nursing Services Inc to be held at:


  • Venue:  Stamford Plaza Sydney AirportCnr Robey and O’Riordan Streets, MASCOT NSW 2020
  • Date:     Monday 23 October 2017
  • Time:    12.30 pm



  1. To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
  2. To receive from the committee reports on the activities of the Association during the last financial year
  3. To receive, consider and adopt the financial statements of the Association for the year ended 30 June 2017
  4. To elect Executive Officers and Committee members for the 2018 year (see attached nomination forms)
  5. To transact any other business which may be brought forward before the meeting in accordance with the Constitution


  • Nominations, on the prescribed form, for the Committee of Management must be received by the Secretary  by 5 pm Friday 6 October 2017  (see  attached).
  • Each member is entitled to appoint another member as proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting.
  • Only financial members are permitted to nominate for the Committee of Management and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Call for Nominations  APNS Committee of Management 2017-2018:

All nomination forms must be received by the Committee of Management by 5 pm Friday 6 October 2017 by forwarding this form to:  jenny.whitelaw@apcare.com.au or post: C/-  PO Box 645, ENGADINE NSW 2233

Current Organisational Members of the Association of Private Nursing Services Inc are invited to nominate for the Committee of Management – see attached form. All nominations must be from those organisations that have full membership.

The following positions are to be declared vacant (subject to Constitution change being approved):

Executive Positions (see below for descriptions) :

  • Chairperson/President
  • Vice Chairperson/Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Up to six (6) General Committee Members
  • Public Officer

The term of office for all members of the Committee is for a period of one (1) year. Committee members may be re-elected if nominated but serve no more than four years (4) in any one (1) position (Note: this is subject to the Constitution vote already sent to you being approved by the members, otherwise two year terms and only some positions will be open for election).

The full Committee, including current members and newly elected members, will total up to eleven members.

The Association of Private Nursing Services Inc (APNS) is incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 1984 as of the March 2005.

APNS is managed and controlled by a Committee of Management according to its Constitution and Rules and the NSW Incorporations Act 1984.


For the APNS Committee of Management:
Alannah Norman


APNS Executive and Committee definitions

 President Role:

  • Manage the conduct of committee meetings.
  • Make sure the rules in the constitution are followed (for example, make sure the annual general meeting is held, make sure elections follow the constitution, check that there are quorums at meetings, etc.).
  • Make sure other legal responsibilities of the group are met.
  • Making sure committee members are given proper notice of meetings and that the committee meets when it should.
  • Making sure there is an agenda for every meeting (the secretary and/or the manager or coordinator should help with this).
  • Making sure meetings follow the rules in the constitution. For example, are there enough people to make a quorum?
  • Checking if the minutes of the previous meeting are accepted and sign them as such.
  • Working through the agenda.
  • Making sure everyone in the meeting gets a say. This may mean stopping some people who tend to dominate and encouraging quiet people to have their say.
  • Making sure the meeting comes to a decision on the issue being discussed and that everyone understands what the decision is, especially the secretary who records the decisions in the minutes. It is sometimes a good idea to stop and check that the secretary has been able to write down the decision properly, and to repeat the wording if the secretary is not clear.

Vice President Role:

  • Normal committee member roles and responsibilities plus assuming the job of President in the Presidents absence.

Secretary Role:

  • Help the chairperson work out an agenda for each meeting.
  • Make sure minutes are taken of all committee meetings and that minutes are properly written up, distributed and filed.
  • Make sure that a list of correspondence ‘in’ and ‘out’ is presented at management committee meetings and that all correspondence received by the group is properly processed. Usually a staff person will do the work associated with processing the correspondence. If committee members want to see the letters they can do so after the meeting.
  • Make sure all letters and other documents of the group are properly filed (once again, usually a staff person will do the work).
  • Coordinate submissions for funding.
  • Make sure the committee develops proper written policies and procedures for the organisation and that these are maintained up to date in a policy file.
  • Be a spokesperson for the committee when needed.
  • Be a member of sub-committees or other task groups.

Treasurer Role:

  • Make sure proper financial management systems are in place.
  • Make sure that the financial management systems are followed. This will usually involve supervising the person responsible for doing the books.
  • Draw up a budget at the start of each financial year and present it to the committee.
  • Make sure spending is in line with the budget.
  • Make sure that monthly financial reports are prepared and are accurate and that the committee understands them and deals with any financial issues.
  • Make sure that financial reports required by any funding bodies are prepared and sent when required.
  • Make sure the financial records are audited each year and that end of financial year reports are produced within the timeframe specified in the constitution.
  • Assist with submissions for funding.
  • Be a spokesperson for the committee when needed.

General Committee Members Role:

  • Assist the chairperson, secretary and treasurer as required.
  • Be a member of sub-committees or other task groups.
  • Be a spokesperson for the committee when needed.
  • Be aware of the legal responsibilities of the organisation and make sure the committee deals with them.
  • Promote new ideas for the operation of the group or organisation.
  • Be involved in the decision making process at committee meetings.
  • Represent the members of the group.
  • Generally, bring to the attention of the committee any issues or problems in the group or organisation which need to be dealt with by the committee.

Public Officer Role:

  • The public officer is the official contact point for an incorporated association. The public officer can be a committee member, a member of the Association or an outsider. Unless the rules of the incorporated association provide otherwise, the public officer may hold any other office in the association.
  • The Committee of an incorporated association appoints the public officer for the Association.



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